FYI: The Flying Potato Has Left the Building

The 2010 Taurus made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show and it was an instant hit.  And this chic design may just be what the doctor ordered to resurrect Ford’s flagship model. 

Once upon a time (in 1985), Ford introduced the Taurus and it was immediately ridiculed by some critics who said that it resembled a jelly bean or a flying potato.  Nevertheless, the car’s popularity took off as Americans were eager to buy this mid-sized, unique-looking, front wheel drive car.  For five years straight in the 1990’s this aeronautical spud of a car outsold all other cars on the market as sales were in excess of 400,000 Taurus sedans annually.  During the late 90’s and in the post-millenium years, Taurus sales steadily declined until they discontinued production of the Taurus altogether in 2006.  Some blame the conservative designing on Ford’s part for the downfall of the Taurus.   

Our household currently sports a 1996 Ford Taurus with 153,000 miles on the odometer.  We bought the car 109K miles and it hasn’t given us a lick of trouble in the four years that we’ve driven it other than having to put air in the tires more often during the winter because of the wear on the aluminum wheels.  Granted the car is no beauty contest winner, but we use it to get around town and on an occasional 50-mile jaunt and it serves its purpose.

Whatever the case, Ford is definitely making a statement that they are wanting back in the game and they’re willing to do whatever is necessary with this redesign.  The reviews of the car that are out already point to the quality of materials used, the roominess of the interior as well as the spaciousness of the trunk, and the comfort that is said to be apparent the second you sit behind the wheel.  The exterior design speaks for itself and it goes without saying that this car would be welcome in my driveway any day of the week.


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