Meet Jim Petelle, a Customer of Runde Chevrolet

jim-patelleI had a talk with Jim Petelle from Apple River, Illinois as he waited for service to finish working on his vehicle. He was a very nice guy, and when I asked him for a photo, he replied with “I’m glad I shaved this morning.” Runde Auto Chat: What kind of vehicle are you having serviced, and what made you bring it in?Jim Patelle: It’s a 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500. The heater went out. I kind of need one of those these days.RAC: Did you buy the truck from us? Have you bought any other vehicles here?JP: I bought it from Runde’s, but it was the first vehicle I had purchased here.

RAC: What do you like about working with Runde’s?

JP: All of the people are very nice.

RAC: Do you have any children/grandchildren?

JP: I have 2 children (40 & 37) and 4 grandchildren (18, 12, 11, 10).

RAC: What kind of activities are they involved in?

JP: “My oldest grandson loves to swim. He is going to join the Navy…(I think he’s nuts)”

RAC: What kinds of activities do you enjoy?

JP: I like to hunt, fish, and raise cattle.

RAC: Will you be watching the inauguartion tomorrow? What are your thoughts on the direction our country is moving?

JP: No, I am going to take a 3-day vacation from watching TV. There is too much rhetoric right now, so it’s hard to tell what will actually happen. We need to get through the inauguration and then we will know more. It definitely will be different though.

RAC: Do you have a prediction for the Super Bowl?

JP: I would really like to see the Cardinals win. Both games yesterday were great games, and I think the Super Bowl will be no different.

RAC: Do you have any last words about Runde Auto Group?

JP: It’s a nice dealership with a great service department and sales staff. I’ve been very happy with them.

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