Remember: The Left One is the Brake

Danica Patrick is now being told to “slow down,” but it’s definitely not coming from her sponsors.

It turns out that Danica was reccently pulled over for speeding in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona.  She was charged with going 54 mph in a 35 mph zone.  She paid the fine of $196 and then went on her merry way.  Read the whole story

In light of some of the things other celebrities and athletes are getting in trouble for these days, I would say that Danica’s offense is a minor one.  I’m sure that the negative publicity will serve more of a reminder for her to slow down on the suburban streets of America than the $196 ticket ever could.

My three year old always wants me to go fast when I’m taking him to daycare in the morning, but I always respond by saying, “No, we have to drive slow and watch out for puppies.”   Sometimes it might be tempting to speed — especially when we’re a little on the “late for work” side of things — but we have to remember that we’re perpetually setting an example for little eyes that are constantly watching us.

I’m sure that driving city speed limits can seem to Danica like what driving 5 mph would seem like to you and I.  And I don’t want to suggest that Danica lose her leadfoot or her nerve at the track.  However, maybe she would do good to slow down and watch out for puppies (or children) that might wander into her path when she’s on her way to the mall.


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