Dodge Challenger: European Vacation

This trip may not be as entertaining as Chevy Chase’s European Vacation, but it’s still a pretty cool story!

A few guys from Motor Trend Magazine took the new Dodge Challenger SRT-8 on a 3,000 mile trip across Europe. They started in England, meandered around Europe, and wound up back in England 10 days later.   map1

Along the way, they stopped in Brookland to see the 1st race track that was constructed in 1907, they crossed the English Channel and went to Paris. They got the car up to 140 mph on Champs Elysees roadway in town. The Parisians were very accepting of them and the car, giving them thumbs up and cheering. They drove through old World War I battlefields of Verdan & Argonne on their way to Germany. They drove about 138 mph on the German A6 Autobahn, which has no speed limit for the majority of it. They drove to Innsbruck, Austria, to test out the Stelvio Pass. It is the highest paved pass in the Eastern Alps, at 9,045 Ft. The north side has 48 hairpin turns, and they are all numbered. The south side has 46. The Challenger

made it, but not without some serious work! They also went to the Col du Galibier, which is the most famous pass in the French Alps. It sits at 8,678 ft, and is a great driving road. It’s much wider and more flowing than the Stelvio. The Challenger stopped at Omaha Beach, D-Day landing beaches of World War II before heading back to England. They took the fairy back to the city, and had a meeting with members of the Mopar Muscle Association (MMA), Europe’s largest Dodge/Mopar enthusiast club. The members brought some of their vehicles to the site, and had a photo session, as well as discussions about their cars, the new Challenger, and their opinions of each.

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