Snow and Ice Pummel the Midwest

For those of us who thought this winter couldn’t be any worse than last year…I think we probably agree by now that this year could prove us wrong. A snow and ice storm swept across the entire state last night, causing pretty much every school in the state to cancel, and caused a lot of businesses to close. I know it has been pretty quiet in here today…a lot of our workers had trouble getting in to work at all, or they were late because of road conditions and snowed-in vehicles. I talked with a few of the staff members who did make it in, and most, if not all, had 4-wheel drive vehicles, and put them to good use trying to make it to the office! I, unfortunately, do not have 4-wheel drive, and I got my G6 stuck in the middle of our un-plowed side street trying to back out of our driveway. My husband had to shovel me out, and worked really hard rocking it back and forth to get it to the plowed main road. After that experience, I decided an SUV is the next thing on our list of big purchases.
Chris Anderson fills in at our Manchester location on Fridays, and he left his house in Bellevue around 5:50 or so, and didn’t make it here until 7:20. He said he drove about 45 the whole way. Highway 20 definitely wasn’t in the best shape.
Duane Neis lives in Dickeyville, Wisconsin, and it took him about an hour and a half to get to Manchester. He said he saw a semi jackknifed on the Epworth exit, and some spots were clear, where others looked as though the plow hadn’t even touched the highway. He drove between 45 mph and 55 mph all the way here, and didn’t even attempt to move into the passing lane. Curt Lammers, another employee that commutes from Dubuque, left home around 5:45 and got here around 7:30. He said he caught up to Chris twice. His little Focus was getting him places! Don ‘Krunch’ Kronlage had some issues getting out of his driveway. He had to wait for his neighbor to come with a blade and get the snow out of his driveway so he could leave. He said once he got onto the road, it wasn’t too bad, but his driveway wasn’t letting him go anywhere.

Al Kloft lives in Asbury. On a normal day, it takes him about 20 minutes to get to our PreDriven location, but today was a different story. He takes a different route to work everyday because he gets bored. He decided to take Highway 20 since you would assume a highway would be cleaned off better than a side street, but it took him 40 minutes to get through Dubuque to the other side of the river.

Sue Hanger lives in Dickeyville, Wisconsin. It normally takes her about 10 minutes to get to the Chevy store, but it took twice as long today as well.

Casey Fluhr lives in Hazel Green, Wisconsin, about 7 miles from our Chevy location in East Dubuque. It took him 1 hour and 5 minutes to get to work. There was a line of about 23 cars ahead of him, and as far as he could see behind him as well. A couple semis were jackknifed on the way to Hazel Green. He said he drove about 15-20 mph the whole way.
Snowfall Totals as of 11:15 AM (Provided by KCRG Channel 9, Cedar Rapids, Iowa)



Platteville- 11.6″                                                 Dubuque- 10″
Cedar Falls-10″                                               Independence- 7.8″
Maquoketa- 3.5″                                            Edgewood- 7.5″
Elkader- 7″                                                       Coggon- 7.5″

If anyone is rethinking that 2WD vehicle they thought would be good enough for our Tri-State winters, Runde’s has a few hundred trucks & SUV’s for you to choose from. We’re bound to have what you’re looking for! Stop in any of our 4 locations to find your next 4-wheel drive ride.

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