Key2SafeDriving — Bringing Peace of Mind to Mothers Everywhere

Most parents dread the day their babies begin driving, and worry constantly each time they get behind the wheel. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of teen deaths, the 5th leading cause of total deaths in our country, and driving is often a privilege that gets abused by many people. On top of that, 6 percent of drivers on the road are talking on their cell phones while driving, and 10 percent of driving teenagers are either talking or texting.

Xuesong Zhou, an assistant professor at the University of Utah, realized these statistics and developed a gadget to help decrease the numbers. He and a recent graduate, Wally Curry, created a cost-effective solution to these issues. The Key2SafeDriving is a gadget that attaches to the car key, and communicates via Bluetooth or RFID (radio-frequency identification) with the cell phone. The engine will only turn on if the driver slides the key out or pushes a button to release it. At that very moment, the Key2SafeDriving sends a signal to the cell phone, turning it on ‘Driving Mode’, and displays a stop sign on the display screen.

Incoming calls and texts automatically receive a message that states, “I am driving now. I will call you later when I arrive at the destination safely.”

The Key2SafeDriving can also decrease your insurance rates and will definitely help your chances of avoiding an accident.

The new gadget should be available within 6 months, and the anticipated costs are less than $50 per key plus a monthly service fee, which has not been released yet. Stay tuned for more information on availability and vendors.

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