Introducing Chris Anderson of Runde Chevrolet!

chris-anderson-6Chris can usually be found at the East Dubuque location, but on Fridays, he comes out to the Manchester location as a stand-in for our GM, Matt, and to visit us. I sat down with him for a few minutes this morning, so you all can get to know him better!

 Runde Auto Chat: How long have you worked for Runde?

Chris Anderson: Just over a year

RAC: What does your job entail?

CA: I do a lot of the buying, and I also manage some of the deals the salesmen have going.

RAC: What are your favorite parts of your job?

CA: I like the people I work with, being a part of a successful business, and the company offers a lot of opportunities.

RAC: What do you normally do with your time off?

CA: I spend it all with my family. We watch a lot of movies, play games, go shopping; whatever we feel like doing.

RAC: What is your wife’s name? Most of us know you have quite a few kids. What are the ages of the oldest and youngest?

CA: My wife’s name is Lu Anne. We have 9 kids (5 girls, 4 boys), the oldest is 28 and the youngest is 5.

RAC: What is some thing few people know about you?

CA: They’ll never know?! (His way of saying he doesn’t even know).

RAC: What is your favorite movie?

CA: Considering the only type of movies I get to watch are Disney, High School Musical is on the top of my list.

RAC: What kind of music do you like?

CA: I like 60’s and 70’s (He admitted to liking sappy love songs too!)

So next time you’re looking for a specific pre-driven vehicle or a program car, give Chris a call! He is the man who will find exactly what you’re looking for!

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