Congrats to Dave Frazier on the Recent Addition to his Family

Dave Frazier

Dave Frazier

Dave Frazier who works in the Chevy Sales department at our store in East Dubuque welcomed the arrival of his 1st son, Jackson Frazier, last month.  Dave says that he is doing well and he’s currently 20″ tall and weighs about 9 pounds.  

Runde Auto Connection: What are your son’s hobbies are so far?

Dave Frazier:  Jackson enjoys laying around, eating, pooping, and sleeping.   

RAC:  I guess it’s getting sort of cold for long walks in the park.  Does he have any hidden talents?

DF:  I’m not sure about that, but he sure has a lot of hair.jackson-frazier-1

RAC:  What’s his favorite food?

DF:  Right now he’s hitting the Similac Formula pretty hard.

RAC:  You have a daughter, correct?  How is she reacting to the new baby?

DF:  My daughter Madison is 2 years old and she gets along fine with Jackson so far.  We let her hold him, with supervision of course, and she does a very good job.

RAC:  What do you think Jackson will grow up to be when he gets older?jackson-frazier

DF:  Hopefully rich so I can retire early.


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