Heather Tieskoetter — Equinox Driver — Runde Customer

heather-tieskoetterHeather Tieskoetter recently purchased a vehicle at the Runde PreDriven store in Hazel Green. Runde Auto Chat had the chance to chat with Heather for a few minutes this afternoon about: her Runde experience, her family, the election, and life in general. So here’s Heather in a nutshell …

Runde Auto Chat: What kind of vehicle did you purchase?
Heather Tieskoetter: A 2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT.
RAC: How often do you get a newer vehicle?
HT: This is my first “like new” vehicle.
RAC: Is your new Equinox All-Wheel-Drive?
HT: Yes
RAC: So no worries this winter, eh?
HT: Yep since this year I’ll be driving through the snow for the first time.
RAC: Where did you live before you moved to this area?
HT: Texas.
RAC: So you’re a Longhorns fan?
HT: Yes. Hook ’em high!!! In spite of their loss to Texas Tech (last Saturday).
RAC: Married?  Kids?
HT: Eric is my husband and we have 2 girls under the age of two … Zoie and Brylie.
RAC: Any pets?
HT: We have a miniature pinscher named Draco.
RAC: What’s you’re favorite place to eat in the Tri-State area?
HT: Salsa’s on Main Street in Dubuque. My favorite dish is the Grande Burrito!braveheart
RAC: What’s you’re favorite movie of all time?
HT: Braveheart because of the agressive nature and the part about freedom.
RAC: What’s one place in the world that you’d most like to visit?
HT: Ireland because of the strong beer and the leprechauns.
RAC: ????? Leprechauns aren’t real you know.
HT: They might be.
RAC: In light of it being election day, what’s the one issue that influenced the way that you voted today?
HT: Taxation and health insurance.
RAC: What’s one invention that you couldn’t live without?
HT: My Equinox, that’s for sure. I don’t like being a passenger.

The Essentials:
Candy or Gum? Gum
Pizza or Spaghetti? Spaghetti
Packers or Bears? Packers
McDonalds or BK? Burger King
Coke or Pepsi? Dr. Pepper
Gordon or Junior? Junior
Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas

RAC: How would you rate your new vehicle purchase at Runde’s?
HT: Off the roof !!

Heather's new ride

Heather's new ride

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