Slow and Steady Wins the Race!

The results of the U.S. Global Quality Research System (GQRS) study revealed that Ford is now equal with the best in the industry for the 2008 model year. The survey was conducted by RDA Group in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and is composed of survey statistics from owners of all major makes and models after owning them for at least 3 months.  Ford lowered their “things gone wrong” (TGW) rating by 7.7% (reduced by 108 TGW) compared to last year, and are statistically even with Honda and Toyota.  From 2004 to 2008, Ford has improved their vehicle quality by a total of 33%.  Customer satisfaction reached 77%, which is the highest in history.

 The Ford Focus has caught up to the Toyota Corolla, leading the compact cars category.  
Overall, 18 of 24 Ford domestic brand vehicles improved in their TGW count, and they are striving to continue the trend. They have improved in 4 consecutive years, and the 2009 model year is to be no exception.
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The Ford Fusion has passed the Toyota Camry with fewer TGW, and are even with them in customer satisfaction.

Ford Mustang GT500 had the lowest number of TGWs in the sports car segment.

Ford F-Series Super Duty leads its segment with fewest TGW’s and also in customer satisfaction. 




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  1. That’s a good news for Ford lovers. As the customers are satisfied and excited Ford will grow more and more. It’s time now to wait eagerly for the 2009 model with lots of hope.

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