Gas — Becoming a Thing of the Past?!

With rising gas prices and our depency on foreign oil, most vehicle manufacturing companies are developing new forms of energy for their automobiles. GEM, formerly Global Electric Motors, will be changing it’s name to GreenEcoMobility. They are also going to be very busy this year!

Chrysler and GEM are developing a new all-electric car in hope that it will be on the road sometime in 2009. With a name like ‘Peapod’, you can imagine what it looks like. It’s a more modern-looking version of the Smart Car, which originated in Europe and has made it’s way to the United States. They use no gasoline and emit no pollutants. They have not released much information about the life of the batteries yet, but they did say the car will have built-in connectors for the stereo and hands-free calling for iPods and iPhones. GEM is making the seats out of an eco-friendly, recycled mesh material for better air circulation.


Along with the Peapod, GEM and Chrysler intend to begin production of a light-duty electric commercial truck, as well as a larger city electric car with more range and performance.

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