Runde’s says hello to Kelly and Cole

Kelly Francois and her 7-month old son Cole visited Runde Chevrolet in East Dubuque today.  Kelly is very familiar to most of us here at Runde’s because she used to work here for nearly 2 years.  She now works at Dubuque Data Services as an administrative assistant and she’s doing very well for herself.  Kelly enjoys stopping by the dealership every once in awhile, but this is one visit that she would have forgone if she’d had her druthers.  You see Kelly’s boyfriend, Dirt (his legitimate nickname), was backing up her car and backed over a metal fire pit.   So Kelly came in and had Mike Runde write up a bodyshop estimate for the repairs.  We sat down and chatted with Kelly and Cole while they waited for the write-up.

Geared For Women:  What happend to your car?

Kelly Francois:  A fire pit jumped up and bit the back bumper of my car.

GFW:  What kind of car do you drive?

KF:  A Suzuki Forenza.

GFW:  Do you think your car is a male or female?

KF:  What?  I don’t know.  Male?

GFW:  Does your car have a name?

KF:  What?  Does my car have a name?  Does your car have a name?

GFW:  Uhm … no, I guess not.   If you were a vehicle what vehicle would you be and why.

KF:  A pink Ferrari because pink rocks.

GFW:  Where does Cole go to school?

KF:  He doesn’t yet, he stays with a private sitter when I’m at work.

GFW:  What is his favorite toy?           KF:  Plastic keys.

GFW:  What is his favorite song?        KF:  He likes that “Lime in the Coconut” song.

GFW:  What’s Cole favorite flavor of baby food?    KF:  Sweet potatoes.

GFW:  What’s your favorite spot in the Tri-States?      KF:  Eagle Point Park.

GFW:  What’s your favorite restaurant?     KF:  Houlihan’s in Dubuque.

GFW:  What’s your favorite movie?           KF:  Dirty Dancing.

GFW:  Favorite car movie?                        KF:  The Fast & the Furious.

Lightning Round:

GFW:  Madonna or Celine Dion?     KF: Madonna

GFW:  Coke or Pepsi?                     KF: Pepsi

GFW:  Tennis or Golf                     KF: Golf.  Cole’s going to be the next Tiger Woods.

GFW:  Iowa or Iowa St.                  KF: Hawkeyes

GFW:  Bears or Packers                 KF:  Dah Bears

GFW:  B.K. or McDonalds              KF:  Burger King

GFW:  Stallone or Schwarzenegger     KF:  Eeeewww …. neither.

GFW:  Who’s your dealership of choice?      KF:  Well Runde’s, of course.

It was good to visit with Kelly and Cole.  They were met with smiles with every Runde employee and owner that they ran into today.  Kelly said that she was going to make Dirt pay for the damage to the back bumper.  I just hope he was sitting down whe she handed him the estimate.

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