Chevy Aveo Named Least Expensive Vehicle To Own!!

Chevy Aveo Named #1!!
When one thinks of hybrid vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind is fuel efficiency. Though the concept is great, are the savings in fuel going to outweigh the overall price of the hybrid? ran this exact study in attempt to find the long-run cost of owning a hybrid car as opposed to a normal gas-powered compact or subcompact car. They then created a list of ‘top tens’ to see where the hybrids ranked in the group.Ownership costs should include depreciation, financing, taxes, fees, insurance premiums, maintenance, repairs, and fuel costs. Edmunds figured all of their numbers on a five-year ownership plan, and assumed fuel prices of $4.06, $5.00, and $6.00 per gallon. The least expensive vehicle with gas prices at the current price of $4.06 was the Chevy Aveo with an average of $0.42 per mile. The Toyota Prius ranked 33rd with an average cost of $0.50 per mile. The only hybrid that could possibly rank among the top 10 is the Honda Civic Hybrid. Even if gas reaches the $5-$6 range, it still would not take-over the Aveo’s spot at #1.
Obviously, fuel costs are a major part of the automobile purchasing process, and should be greatly considered. What consumers normally forget to consider are the other factors: depreciation, maintenance, etc. None of these factors should be over-looked in the buying process and neither should the Aveo.      

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