Ford Goes Hollywood!

As the new seasons of America’s hottest tv shows quickly approach, Ford Motor Company is feeling much anticipation of Ford’s small screen debut. This year, Ford vehicles are featured in one of the most-watched dramas on television, “Desperate Housewives”, as well as new series’ “Fringe” and “Knight Rider”.

Wisteria Lane has become one of the most famous street names on television, and this year it will extend it’s popularity to the newest crossover of the Ford family…the Flex. Tom Scavo, Lynette’s husband, will be cruisin’ around the suburbs in the 2009 Flex in this season. Bob Witter of Ford Global Brand Entertainment said, “A lot of people drive a car because it’s an extension of their personality, and in the world of Hollywood, that’s one of the ways that they develop characters. We work together with show producers to match the car personality with the character personality. Tom is the type of guy who wants to be seen in a car that’s different. He doesn’t necessarily belong in a high-end exotic car, yet he needs a vehicle that’s really bold and that stands out. Pairing him up with the Flex was a natural.”

Ross Mackenzie of Ford Global Brand Entertainment took three cars to the producers of the new science fiction series “Fringe” — The Ford Escape Hybrid, the Flex, and the Mustang. They wanted all three of them, plus the Fusion. The show stars ex-Dawson Creek star, Joshua Jackson, who will be driving around in the new Mustang. The lead character, played by Anna Torv, will be joining the ‘green team’ in her 2009 Escape Hybrid. 


 Knight Rider, a new show about KITT, a very intelligent talking car will be featuring a 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR. There are times in the show it will actually transform into other Ford vehicles throughout the season, such as the Ford F-150, but that’s the only information they are releasing about it. There will be different versions of the car driven on various episodes that have been created by a Hollywood car designer.   This looks to be a pretty kick-butt car (we strive to keep the language G-rated on this blog despite pressures from our service techs to take it to a PG or worse a PG-13 level).  Of course, we’ll have to see what Germans say about the show.  As most of you probably recall … Germans love David Hasselhoff.  I wonder if that includes German- Americans?  But with no Hoff on this version of Knight Rider, the show may get beat out in the ratings by the Hoff’s current show America’s Got Talent.  For those of you hoping that the voice of KITT would be reprised by Cory and Topanga’s teacher from Boy Meets World, I’m afraid it won’t come to fruition.  The voice of KITT will be Val Kilmer.  OMG … The Iceman is reduced to a behind-the-scenes car voiceover.  On second thought, I guess it worked for Owen Wilson.  We’ll have to see what Kilmer brings to the table when the rubber meets the road.



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