Runde Auto Group’s 30+ MPG Lineup

Runde Auto Group offers a large range of vehicles, and many of them fall into the 30+ MPG group. From cars to crossovers, and even SUVs, we’re bound to have something you’ll fall in love with.

            2009 Chevy Malibu 4 cylinder — 33 MPG
Dodge Avenger — 30 MPG
Chrysler Sebring — 30 MPG
Suzuki SX4 Crossover — 30 MPG
Chevy HHR — 30 MPG
Suzuki SX4 Sport — 31 MPG  
Ford Escape Hybrid — 32 MPG        
Chevy Aveo 5-Door — 32 MPG
                               Ford Focus — 35 MPG                                          
Chevy Cobalt XFE Sport — 36 MPG
All of these vehicles are available at one of our four locations. If interested, please call (800) 947-8633 to speak with a salesman. This could be your chance to save money on fuel expenses and drive the vehicle of your dreams!

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