XM and Sirius Become One

The executives of Sirius and XM radio announced the completion of the company merger on July 29th, 2008. There is much excitement surrounding the company’s future, and both parties are foreseeing great things for them in the future.

The merged company is known as Sirius XM Radio, and both brands will continue to operate as they have, as two seperate entities. They are in the process of creating some new packages that combine stations from both XM and Sirius. They will offer “Best Of” package that contains premium stations from both providers. Also, the “Mostly Music” and “Sports/News/Talk” packages will combine stations from both as well. Any receivers already in circulation as well as any new hardware purchased will be compatible with the new programming.

This is especially great news for our business. As a GM and Ford dealership, 90% of the new vehicles we sell have either XM or Sirius rado. From now on, when our customer purchases a vehicle, they are getting an added bonus of having the option to choose which package they would like to subscribe to.

There are definitely benefits to using both providers. Prior to the merger, customers had to choose between Major League Baseball games and National Football League games, as both were offered on seperate plans. I don’t know anyone who would want to purchase both Sirius and XM in order to get their favorite team’s broadcasts. In the near future, the packages will be available for us to choose!! We all love to customize our purchases, and this is just another way to find the perfect combination for our listening enjoyment.

It’s amazing to think of how quickly XM and Sirius have become a staple of our society.  I remember back in 2002 when a GM trainer came to our dealership and said “Listen closely.  I’m going to put some money in your pocket.”  He proceded to tell us a little about this new product called XM Satellite radio that GM was beginning to offer in their vehicles.  He said that GM was planning to eventually put this in all of their vehicles and that the stock was really going to jump in the near future.  A few of us skeptics checked out the going price of XM stock that day and it was just over $4.00 a share.  Over the next two days, the stock price per share plummeted to $2 and we joked about how the trainer would have really put a lot of $$$ in our pockets if we had taken his “great advice” and we were hoping he would come by the dealership again soon so we could jokingly thank him.  Well, during the next couple weeks the stock made it back to $4.  Over the next year we followed the price of XM stock and watched it eventualy hit $36 a share.  Would have, could have, should have — Oh well … life goes on and I still enjoy listening to XM in my car.  But everytime I write out the check to pay the bill for my XM account, I think back to that GM trainer’s words and I can’t help to wonder “what if.”

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