Runde Auto Group’s ‘Bucket List’

I’m sure most of you have heard of the Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman flick, “The Bucket List”. Today, I wanted the public to get a more in-depth look at the employees of Runde; Let everyone know what they want to experience or achieve in their lifetimes…before they ‘kick the bucket’.

Cory Harbach: 1) Experience Vegas to its fullest 2) Build a classic Maverick with his son, Zack who is 10 years old now

Curt Lammers: 1) Reach contentment (When asked to define it, he couldn’t…Ha!) 2) Win a BASS tournament 3) Retire (He wouldn’t tell me if he would stay in Iowa or move…)

Matt Sieverding: 1) Drive 200 MPH in a car I own 2) Live a healthy, quality life

Joe Behnke: 1) Own an island in the Bahamas 2) Hang in the Playboy mansion with Hugh Hefner and the girls

Dave Schnoor: 1) Hit a hole-in-one 2) Bowl an 800 Series 3) Have an unlimited supply of Bud Light

All of our employees have different goals for themselves, and this is a good way for our customers to get to know them on a little ‘deeper’ level. It was also good to make them think a little bit…I think I caught them off guard!

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