Meet A Recent Customer of Runde Ford in Manchester!!

One of Don “Krunch” Kronlage’s customers was nice enough to talk with me for a couple minutes while his vehicle was getting ready to take home.

Runde Auto Chat: What did you like most about the process and how business was conducted here at Runde?
Frank Riese: It was simple, and Don was thorough in answering all my questions.
RAC: What kind of vehicle did you buy? Were there any options or features that you were specifically looking for?
FR: I bought a Chevy 2500 truck. I wanted a good used truck with just the basic options.
RAC: What purpose is this vehicle going to serve: busienss, family travel, etc.?
FR: It will be used for both family and business.
RAC: Do you have any children or grandchildren?
FR: I have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. (A couple of them were with him when he picked up the truck)
RAC: Do you live near Manchester? And what do you do for a living?
FR: I live in Hopkinton (about 10 miles south of Manchester), and I’m a farmer.
RAC: How often do you purchase new vehicles?
FR: Just when needed, and hopefully that isn’t for a while now.
RAC: Overall, did you have a pleasant experience at Runde?
FR: Yeah, I was very pleased with everything.

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