Meet Jeff ‘Lenny’ Keuter of Runde’s Outside Service Staff

Lenny was a little hesitant to let me interview him, so I promised to be nice. He works in our reconditioning department at Runde Chevrolet, and he didn’t have a lot to say but he gave us SOME input.

Runde Auto Chat: Everyone knows you as Lenny, but what is your REAL name?
Lenny: Jeff Kueter
RAC: How long have you worked here?
L: A little over a year
RAC: A lot of people think that you’re the hardest worker here. Is there any truth to that?
L: Maybe a little bit.
RAC: Do you follow baseball?
L: Yes
RAC: Who’s your favorite team?
L: Cubs
RAC: Will you be watching the All Star Game?
L: No, I have prior commitments.
RAC: Wife? Kids?
L: Yes, and 1
RAC: Favorite restaurant?
L: Hardees
RAC: Favorite movie?
L: Wedding Crashers
RAC: What do you think of the whole Brett Favre thing?
L: He should come back and play for the Bears…(a slightly biased answer in my opinion…ha!)

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