For Your Convenience, Runde Uses an Online Trade Evaluation Form!

We live in a day and age where there are so many technological advancements that were invented to make our lives easier and give us more spare time. Yet in spite of this, it almost seems like all this “progress” has in turn created more for us to do and has ironically rendered us with less free time.At Runde’s we know that a customer’s time is very valuable and that’s why we came up with our online trade evaluation form to help your car buying experience fit your needs as well as your

The form was originally designed to accommodate buyers who were more than 50 miles away from us and couldn’t stop by the dealership on a whim for a trade appraisal. However because of the comprehensive nature of the form, we have had many people with tight schedules use it at their convenience even though they may be only 10 or 20 miles away from our dealership.
The link to this form can be found up at the top left hand corner of our homepage at
Once you submit your trade information, Runde’s will use that to give you a firm quotation as to the value of your trade-in. If you choose to use this form, please keep in mind that you are acting as our agent, and any information that turns out to be less than accurate will essentially defeat the purpose of using the form to shop for a vehicle. It usually turns out that customers who take the time to complete the form are accurate, forthright, and entirely focused on purchasing a vehicle. If you are skilled in using a digital camera, you could also email pictures of your trade and that could prove helpful in getting you the most money possible for your vehicle.


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