We Call Him Brewer

We caught up with Gary Brewer before he left for the courthouse today…I know what you’re all thinking…but he was going to take a customer’s vehicle back to them! He is known as ‘Mr. Runde’ to the people at the courthouse, but to us he’s just ‘Brewer’.


This is what he had to say about himself and his job at Runde Chevrolet.
Runde Auto Chat: Everyone around here has been wondering the same thing…What exactly do you do at Runde’s? How long have you been ‘working’ for them?
Gary Brewer: I pick up cars for service and return them when they are finished, handle title transfers, and I have worked here for about 4 years.
RAC: What would your dream car be?
GB: A 1960 Corvette.
RAC: How do you feel about the Chicago Cubs leading the National League Central?
GB: Hate it
RAC: How do the Cardinals have more wins than the Brewers, but have a lower payroll?
GB: Lucky
RAC: What is your favorite hobby?
GB: Boating

RAC: Do you have a favorite restaurant in the area?

GB: Grand Harbor Resort…My son works there

RAC: Where are you going on summer vacation?

GB: Next week we are going to Wisconsin for a Milwaukee Brewers game and Summerfest.

Gary, as you can see, is a man of few words, but he was kind enough to share his ‘true’ feelings about the other teams in the MLB National League. We kept those answers short to avoid the office friction (I am a Cardinals fan).


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