A Scaled Down Version of the Man that He Once Was

Over the past 8 weeks, several Runde employees and their family members have been taking part in a weight – loss competition. Each contestant had their own strategy and everyone who entered the competition succeeded in losing weight. Thirteen people took part in the contest and those thirteen lost a combined total of 190 pounds – not bad, eh?

During the final weigh-in, Kevin Hanger emerged the victor. Kevin is the husband of Sue Hanger, who works as an accountant for Runde Chevrolet. Kevin works full-time for Swiss Valley as a quality control manager, but he also works part-time nights at Runde’s in East Dubuque and he buys all of his vehicles from the Runde Group.

I hope that Kevin isn’t offended when we say that he was the “biggest loser”, because he did lose more weight than anyone else in the competition. According to the final calculations, Kevin lost a total of 36.8 pounds – which was 13% of his starting body weight. For comparison, the runner-up in the competition lost 11.7%.

When asked how he did it, Kevin responded: “Salads … Salads every single day … Every single day … Every single …”

We get the point Kevin. Anyway, our hats go off to Kevin for his competitive nature and his commitment to his quest to weigh less.

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  1. good job kevin!!!

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