I’m Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Gas!

In case you haven’t gotten out of the house yet this year, I’ll point out to you that gas prices are on the rise again. Since my daily drive to Runde’s is not too long and my car gets pretty good fuel mileage, I’ve never really broken too much of a sweat about the rising prices. Sure, I rant along with everyone else when a conversation turns to the hot topic of fuel prices, but I’ve been lucky enough to never have to worry about changing my current mode of transportation. Having said that I feel kind of narrow minded because a co-worker recently pointed out to me to this website that shows folks in Iowa the least expensive as well as the most expensive filling stations in the state: http://www.iowastategasprices.com


It doesn’t take long to check it out and it may tip you off as to which place you should head to and which places you should avoid. To give an example, I paid $3.30 a gallon a few days ago for 10 gallons. That’s $33 (3rd grade math). If I would have gone to a cheaper station that’s basically on my way to work, I would have paid just $31.90. That’s a savings of $1.10 a week or $4.40 a month … over $50 a year!!! It doesn’t seem like a lot, but it all adds up in the end and if someone walked up to me around X-mas time and handed me a fifty-dollar bill, it’s a pretty safe bet that I’d take it. 





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